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Latest MUSE Airdrop - MUSE Airdrop - Trending Airdrop 2019 facebook

Symbol : MUSE

Value : 300 MUSE - $20

Start : 25th Nov 2019 - End : 04th Jan 2020

Join the Muse Protocol (MUSE) Airdrop now and earn 300 MUSE - $20 and chance at prize to new users. Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens.


Airdrop Link

Step-by-Step Guide

1.Join The New Internet. (Mandatory)

2.Join Blockstack Telegram group. (Mandatory)

3.Join on Mumble Chat.(Mandatory)

4.Read our announcement thread.(Mandatory)

5.Join on Telegram group.(Mandatory)

6.Follow on Twitter.(Mandatory)

7.Complete other optional tasks.

8.Submit TRX address and details.

9.You will receive 300 Muse Tokens.

10.Get 10 MUSE for each referral.

Note - The Top 20 will share the $925 TRX and the $925 STX and 12,000 Muse Tokens, and the first place will get an Apple iPad Bundle with Airpods and Apple Pencil.


Muse Protocol is a Tron (TRC-20) digital ecosystem built on a set of automatic, pre-arranged agreements, called smart contracts, that allows for the trust free management of profit generated by music and the transformation of fanbases into their own symbiotic economies. Muse Application 


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