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Binance.US Added Support For New Crypto Asset Zilliqa facebook

Binance.US Added Support For New Crypto Asset Zilliqa

Javeria by Javeria - 12:01 PM Feb 20, 2020
Binance.US Added Support For New Crypto Asset Zilliqa

On Thursday at 02:00 UTC, Binance trading platform for America, i.e., Binance.US has announced adding support for Zilliqa (ZIL) on its platform.

The digital asset exchange powered by matching engine and wallet technologies, Binance.US was launched last month which was licensed by Binance but operated by BAM Trading Services, its local partner.

The new blockchain platform Zilliqa is an open permission-less distributed network. The blockchain platform launched its mainnet in 2019. At the time when Binance added Zilliqa info on its platform, its transaction volume was 3,000 transactions/sec with 1,000 nodes in the network.

The number of transactions per seconds rises with the number of nodes in the network. The exchange further mentioned that having a network size of 10,000 nodes, Zilliqa can facilitate a throughput similar to VISA and MasterCard but with much lower charges for the merchants.

As per the reports, presently the exchange is supporting the deposits of USD, BUSD, or ZIL their wallets for when the trading starts. However, the trading for two new pairs have already been added but is due to launch. The trading for ZIL/USD and ZIL/BUSD will start either at 18:00 PST or 21:EST (New York Time).

Binance Announces The Launch Of Binance Cloud

Recently on 17 February, Binance announced the launch of its cloud platform, Binance Cloud. The solution is intended to facilitate customers to launch their digital asset exchanges using Binance’s technology, liquidity and security.

The cloud solution will enable the exchange's partners and customers to efficiently set up their crypto trading platform with innovative features like futures trading, spot market, P2P fiat-to-crypto and API integrations. As more features will be put into effect, the cloud solution will facilitate a wide range of institutions to launch their platfrom.

Binance is planning to develop more product beyond its cloud, P2P and brokerage solutions to expand crypto adoption across the globe.

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