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Hasanah – The Latest Dark Horse in The Blockchain Space facebook

Hasanah – The Latest Dark Horse in The Blockchain Space

02:08 PM Nov 29, 2019
Hasanah – The Latest Dark Horse in The Blockchain Space

The Latest Dark Horse in The Blockchain Space New technologies should contribute to business development. First of all, they should help small and medium-sized businesses to become more competitive. Moreover, these companies account for about 55-60% of GDP in developed countries. The same is true for blockchain. This unique technology can help small businesses in developing countries to reduce costs and find their customers in a capacious international market. To use the technology in this context, the Hasanah project was created, which we will talk about today. Out of the 14 international rating agencies analyzed by the CryptoLaboratory, the project was evaluated only by ICObench. The agency gave 3.7 points out of 5 for the ICO profile.  In fact, this is higher than the projects get estimated recently. But could it have been higher? We'll find out from further review. Hasanah is a platform aimed at using blockchain technology for the development of Cooperatives and MSME. What's more, according to the creators, the platform will support Sharia-based transactions. This will allow to introduce blockchain much faster into the economy of Muslim countries that have their own features of money turnover. The introduction of Hasanah can support the creation of better quality production and more efficient production costs through the collective purchase of raw materials by the Cooperative. Furthermorethe Cooperative can easily manage its inventory and warehousing systems. Implementation of any serious idea is impossible without a professional team with sufficient experience of similar activities. A. Sudirman Rachmat, the CEO of Hasanah, along with the working on the project he has been leading Primakons Indonesia for more than 8 years. The company is engaged in the creation and development of new firms. Such a substantial management experience is very useful for a new project. It is worth noting Diagus Daniel, who has worked for almost 23 years as Finance-Account Manager. No doubt he is an experienced financial expert. The company has many successful and ambitious employees, but we as investors need to pay attention to other characteristics of this startup. Despite the fact that the tokens crowd sale of the project has not yet started, the promotion is on fast-forward. The undoubted leader in attracting investors is Telegram project with 10,344 followers. Second place is for Facebook, where 5,115 people follow the project. Twitter is not much behind it with 4,900 followers. If in the future promotion in social networks is active, the project will have every chance to collect the necessary amount for development. Summing up our review, we can say with confidence that luck loves the brave and active people. This is how we see the Hasanah team and the whole project. The professionalism of some of its members and the support of the community greatly increase the chances of success. All they have to do is not to stop there.


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