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Tron Partners With KuCoin PoS Mining Pool, POOL-X facebook

Tron Partners With KuCoin PoS Mining Pool, POOL-X

Olowo by Olowo - 01:48 PM Dec 02, 2019
Tron Partners With KuCoin PoS Mining Pool, POOL-X

Tron Foundation has announced its partnership with KuCoin-incubated POOL-X, a PoS mining pool, a TRON’s TRC20 dependent protocol, to aid the better security of crypto transactions. According to both parties,they share the same vision toward the expansion and security of future generation technology. Taking about the partnership, POOL-X affirmed the partnership will aid a better service offering to users all over the world. https://twitter.com/pool_x_official/status/1201431134468362240?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1201431134468362240&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fnewslogical.com%2Flatest-tron-partners-kucoin-incubated-pos-mining-pool-pool-x%2F Through this collaboration, users now have the capacity to lock their TRC20-USDT tokens on the mining pool platform to and get POL credits, with the lockDrop running for about 6 rounds. However, the number of POL credits to be dished out to users lockup their tokens will be solely prioritized to early adopters.

Pool-X Incubated by KuCoin

In the same vein, Pool-X, an incubation by KuCoin, will be looking to aid the stimulation of future influence of the PoS network. The platform, which offers users services such as node integration, operational solution, as well as liquidity trading market also gives users the opportunity to unstake their tokens anytime. With a Liquidity Trading Market, the matching means for users to hold some staked tokens on Pool-X. Via the trading market, users have the chance of redeeming digital currencies in within a short period by simply placing orders. Once the order is met, users can claim the assets by just paying small transaction fees in POL. Meanwhile, the POL (Proof of Liquidity) comes as a token on the Pool-X platform where the launch of the digital token is launched to cope with the scarce liquidity of wagered crypto assets. This is, however, the kind of payment means the Pool-X employs. Aside from the exhaustive market situation, Tron users are vigilant, looking out for unusual oddity promised.  As expected, followers hope that proclamation will influence the price of the cryptocurrency better than it is at the moment.

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