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Primpy PreICO PPI sto - Security Token Offering | cryptoknowmics facebook

A Fashion Ecosystem of Equal Opportunities

Start : 01st Mar 2019 End : 31st Oct 2019

About Primpy

Primpy is a cognitive, blockchain-based, user-generated commerce platform. It???s changing how retailers and business owners sell their products, and how people discover, purchase, resell, and learn about new items online.

With unique features and its own database of shoppers, it will be a platform that fashion business owners want to be part of. Driven by both data and human expertise, it will target only the customers that look for offered products or that want the services that vendors have to sell. With customer permission, the data will also be shared with real-world shops when customers enter their stores.

Primpy aims to create the most significant decentralised fashion ecosystem in the world. It will give everyday shoppers what they need. Shine a spotlight on the smallest sellers. Help shops target customers. Give service providers the chance to showcase what they offer. And it will connect them all on a closed-loop global platform where each action benefits all users.



  • Primpy idea is born.

June 2017

  • Creative concept & design
  • April 2017
  • First 330.000,00 ??? is invested

Jul 2017

  • Platform development start

January 2018

  • Third investment of 1.150.000,00 ???

June 2018

  • PrimpyMag redesign launch

September 2018

  • Database building.
  • First marketing campaign launch.

March 2019

  • Private sale (phase I)

Q2 2019

  • Expansion to the Middle
  • Eastern market.

Jul 2019

  • Private sale (phase II)

January 2020

  • PPI listing on an exchange.


  • Expansion to the global market.
  • Loyalty programme.
  • Cash-back.
  • Fashion designer crowdfunding.


Used items selling feature launches. Air notification and smart identification.



  • Token - PPI
  • Type - SecuritySTO
  • Price - 1 PPI = 1 USD
  • Bonus -Available
  • MVP/Prototype - Available
  • Platform - Ethereum
  • Accepting - ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Minimum investment - 50 USD
  • Soft cap - 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap - 47,000,000 USD
  • Country - Malta
  • Whitelist/KYC - KYC & Whitelist

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